Members of the AP Brahmana Seva Sangha Samakhya were allegedly attacked by supporters of movie star and producer Manchu Mohan Babu opposite his residence on Wednesday.

Ever since the film ‘Denikaina Ready’ starring Manchu Vishnu and Hansika released 11 days ago, Brahmins have been expressing their resentment at the poor light in which the community was shown in it.

On Wednesday evening, Samakhya’s youth wing vice-president Dronamraju Ravikumar and a few others were returning from taking part in a live discussion in a Telugu TV channel with its studio near Filmnagar and were passing by Mr. Mohan Babu’s residence on the way back, at about 8.35 p.m.

“As we were crossing the actor’s residence, we were stopped on the opposite side by police and within a few minutes, even as we were talking to the police officials, a bunch of ‘goons’ came rushing at us, crossing the divider and started attacking us with sticks,” Mr. Ravikumar said. As the police were present, the situation was brought under control very soon and the victims went to Banjara Hills police station and lodged a complaint.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vishnu, speaking to a television channel vented his rage saying, “Beware if anyone comes to our house, whoever it may be. I repeat that there is nothing hurting to any community. You please watch the film. My father has been involved in 550 movies and nothing like this has ever happened,” he said, adding that some persons were resorting to such acts for cheap publicity.

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