A bank call centre executive, who learnt hacking to clone bank cards and knocked off Rs. 10 lakh by making use of them, was arrested along with three of his associates by the police on Monday.

A MBA degree holder working in HSBC call centre in the city, Syed Jabar cloned credit and debit cards using the stolen data of bank cards sold by a Nigerian whom he met while trying to access such information.

He also cloned debit and credit cards of local people who used to present them at a petrol bunk for payments, by colluding with two persons working there, Hyderabad Central Crime Station DCP L.K.V. Ranga Rao said at a press conference.

The petrol bunk workers -- R. Krishna (20) and K. Venkatesh (21) -- used to steal electronic code data of the bank cards of customers using the skimmers given by Jabar.

Later, Jabar used to clone bank cards using the data retrieved from the skimmer. Jabar, who hails from Amberpet, wanted to make quick money by hook or crook as his salary was insufficient to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

After learning hacking from an institute in Banjara Hills, he tried to access online the data of credit and debit cards.

Some websites present details of bank cards obtained fraudulently and sell the data.

In this process, Jabar met the Nigerian (via online) from whom he purchased bank cards’ data of foreigners.

Using the data, he cloned the bank cards.

He also connived with N. Vasanth Kumar, a worker at Ramanthapur filling station, to make money.

Kumar would swipe a cloned credit card given by Jabar in the petrol bunk’s swiping machine.

“Kumar would keep part of the amount as commission and return cash equal to the remaining sum,” a police official said.

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