A young boy, K. Sreekanth, is in urgent need of a life-saving surgery for treatment of a rare blood disorder – haemophilia B with factor IX deficiency. As a result of this disorder, every haemophilic joint regularly bleeds and damages.

A resident of Kacheguda, Sreekanth developed the disease following fracture of his right leg in an accident four years ago. Subsequently, he also developed a large pseudo tumour on the right femur leading to immobility and extreme pain. Surgical removal of the tumour by way of amputation is the only option. The life-saving procedure is estimated to cost about Rs.8 lakh, it is said.

Helping Hand Foundation (HHF), which deals in the field of medical services for the poor, has sought generous donations to meet the medical expenses. Boy’s father Mallesh, who is a tailor, is not in a position to bear the expenses.

“After surgery the boy will need good prosthetics for the leg to help him continue his studies,” said Mujtaba Hassan Askari of HHF. Interested donors can contact HHF on phone No. 23302004.


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