The Ramgopalpet Police on Saturday arrested a bouncer, who attacked a woman selling flowers near Paradise Hotel in Secunderabad on Friday night.

The accused, identified as Prakash Yadav, asked the woman to leave the area. Even as she was walking away, Yadav pushed her to the ground, snatched her flower basket and began hitting her.

“When we, along with other customers, started to scream, the bouncer pushed her again before going inside the hotel garage,” eye-witnesses said.

“We got enraged at this point and ran towards the garage only to be stopped by other bouncers who told us to ‘get lost’. One went to the extent of saying that the woman was beaten because she was ‘drunk’ and was ‘misbehaving’,” they added.

By this time, people gathered at the spot and demanded that the bouncer be handed over to police.

Not only did other bouncers and security guards protect the culprit, they also went a step further and threatened customers to leave or forfeit their cars, which were in the garage. Soon, the bouncers began closing the garage doors and barricaded one of the entrances to the hotel. Customers later informed police of the incident.

Ramgopalpet Sub-Inspector P. Shiva Prasad said a case under the Consumer Protection Act was booked against Yadav.

The hotel management later clarified that action was taken after it came to know about the incident.

“We have terminated the services of the security agency with immediate effect,” they said.

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