Pet owners avoiding the official fee charged for abandoning dogs Family pets left out on the streets due to old age are real sufferers

Dismayed by the attitude of certain pet abandoners trying to dump their pet dogs at its shelter, the Blue Cross Hyderabad (BCH) has come out with new requirements including a ‘sort of FIR’ from the police, for accepting an animal for care.

These regulations were brought in after it was found that many were coming to the shelter ‘pretending that the dog they bring was found at their gate or road’. This was meant as a way of avoiding the official fee charged from owners abandoning a dog under special circumstances and covers charges for vaccination, birth control operation, antibiotics, treatments required and also the cost of daily feeding.

“We have found so many trying to abandon their own pet,” points out a notice on the BCH website adding that this has compelled it to insist that those bringing the animal will have to record the dog as lost and found at their local police station and bring a proof of it. Also, they will have to sign Rs.10 stamp paper of the animal listing out details and also contact the Lost Dogs organisation.

“These days we are getting more abandoned dogs than the rescued ones. There are at least 10 to 15 enquiries every day from owners seeking to abandon their pet,” says a BCH volunteer.

Many were found to be those trying to get rid of their pet by bringing it to the shelter and stating that it was found abandoned and that they have nothing to do with it.

The BCH argues that a pet is a lifetime family member.

“If you cannot afford to feed your children, do you throw them out onto the streets? No, you adjust your expenses,” it says while describing family pets left out on the streets due to old age as real sufferers as they are abandoned after a lifetime of guarding the family.

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