Investigators still unclear about the persons, outfit responsible for terror attack

Twenty-two days after the terror attack at Dilsukhnagar, investigators could not make any headway about the persons and the outfit responsible for it.

Though officially the case was transferred to the National Investigation Agency on Thursday, its authorities began probing it from February 21 when IEDs were detonated behind Dilsukhnagar bus-stop and near Konark theatre. Sources in the NIA said they had not stumbled upon any crucial evidence confirming complicity of a particular organisation so far. They are taking into custody members of previous terror modules having connection to Andhra Pradesh and persons hailing from the State arrested in other terror related cases. “We hoped this would give some leads to narrow down on suspects,” a police officer said.

Despite transferring the case to the NIA, different wings of the State police department too are working on the case based on the leads available. State police officials managed to develop images of the terror suspects based on the video captures by traffic surveillance cameras at Dilsukhnagar.

Playing safe

However, they didn’t make the image public so far. “We want to make sure before arriving at a conclusion. In the case of Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat blasts, we released portrait of a suspect but it turned out to be wrong,” an intelligence official recalled. The portrait of the suspect in the 2007 case was prepared with the help of an expert from Pune. In the present case, the video footage has images of the terror suspects — a pedestrian and a cyclist. But their faces were not clearly captured. With the help of the best laboratories in the country, the investigators developed the images. Now, they are verifying if persons with such facial features were found in any terror module busted in any part of the country.

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