Youngsters perform crazy stunts without protective gear putting their lives at stake

HYDERABAD: Cold winter mornings are when most people choose to stick to their pillows for that warm comfort. More so when temperature takes a dip like it is this December in the city.

On chilly Sunday mornings, the picturesque Gandipet Road along the Osmansagar bund comes to life, thanks to the sound of engines and tyres screeching on the road. At the outset, it looks like harmless teenagers or kids indolently taking rides. The fact is, it heralds the arrival of young ‘performers’ who put on a spectacular show every week, when they turn the empty parking space at the rear end of the stretch into a performance arena of sorts.

Youngsters zoom on their bikes and perform wheelies, stoppies, scrambles and any other crazy stunt they can pull off with nothing more than bikes like Bajaj Pulsar and Hero Honda Splendor. Even mopeds get into the act and play around like toys. Strangely, these teenagers barely have personal protective gear, and they toy with the vehicles wearing nothing but normal clothes and slippers.

With two-wheelers not being allowed on the outer ring road (ORR) and places having police check-posts, the lake area has metamorphosed into an ideal place for teenagers to go about their biking stunts. “I stay nearby, and this is an entertainment of sorts for me and the others who come here early in the morning for a run,” said Mujeeb, a jogger.

No supervision

The downside is, there is none to supervise and caution the biking junkies against pulling off rash stunts and the dangers facing them. Curiously, some performers definitely looked too young to obtain driving licence. With no policemen around early in the morning, the spot is an open invitation to boys to show off on their bikes.

The Narsingi Police said they had tightened watch in the area around the lake, and that they would look into the matter.

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