The laddu offering kept at the Ganesh idol at Balapur pandal has fetched a record sum of Rs 5.45 lakh for the organisers when it was auctioned ahead of the commencement of the centralised Ganesh idol immerson procession in Hyderabad on Sunday morning.

Kolan Mohan Reddy and his brother Kolan Krishna Reddy bid the record sum to take possession of the laddu, which he plans to distribute to his kith and kin. The laddu will be sprinkled in agricultural fields with the belief that Lord Ganesha would shower his blessings.

The Reddy brothers had bid highest amounts and took possession of the laddu for five consecutive years. Only in the last two years they did not participate in the auctions and left the bidding for others. Last year Kodali Sridhar had bid Rs 5.35 lakh for the laddu.

“I did not participate in the auction in last two years at the request of others. I was not feeling good about it and participated in the auction this year”, the Reddys told reporters after winning the auction.

The auctioning of laddus kept at the Ganesh pandals have caught on Hyderabad. At several places auction of laddus took place. The money generated through the auctions is used for development of the localities.

However, the huge laddu placed on the hand of lord Ganesh is not auctioned but distributed to devotees.


Balapur laddu auctioned for Rs. 9.50 lakhSeptember 8, 2014

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