Motorists have a tough time commuting on the stretch leading to Paradise Circle

It looks more like a loose mix of gravel and sand from far, but as you get closer to the stretch from the Pump House road to Balamrai, you realise that it is a road, and one which has been giving a tough time for commuters from well over a month.

The long stretch, which leads towards the Paradise Circle has left residents in the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) area fuming. Everyday commuting through the road results in a bumpy ride, coupled with dust flying straight into the eyes of bikers, thanks to the loose gravel present there.

“The stretch is constantly dusty and all two-wheeler riders have to slow down when they use the road, or else they risk hurting their eyes,” complained Kapil Shankala, a resident of Balamrai.

Mahavir, a mechanic, who commutes from the Pump House road to Paradise Circle also stated that he has seen a few vehicles colliding with each other due to the dug up road.

“There is no road actually, it is only sand and stones. Even if one goes slowly, there is susceptibility to fall, if care is not taken while riding a bike there,” he pointed out. The current situation at the road, which is dug up completely on one side, has also resulted in traffic slowing down constantly.

Shankala also pointed out that the road is clogged since morning due to the condition it is in, and is literally an eyesore for two-wheeler riders. When contacted, SCB officials informed that the stretch from Pump House to Balamrai was dug up to install water and sewage pipelines, and that the work has almost come to an end.

“While the Pump road comes under the SCB’s jurisdiction, the rest is to be repaired by the State’s Roads and Buildings Department. However, work is almost done, and repair works will begin in about four days,” informed an official from the SCB.

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