Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) volunteersare planning to set up nests at the Kapra Lake to ensure the lake becomes a safe haven for birds

This effort by environment enthusiasts to set up nests at the Kapra lake to ensure a safe haven for birds is beginning after bird-watchers noticed that there is a gradual fall in number of birds at the lake.

According to Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) volunteers the bird population at the lake was decreasing as the tree cover near the lake was diminishing. Hence to attract waterfowl, egret and ibis, the foundation will be putting up 15 nests at different locations to make environs abutting the lake conducive for them.

Before they set up the nests, the EFI volunteers along with 200 schoolchildren cleaned the lake surroundings to attract more birds.

They removed 6.8 tonnes of garbage accumulated near the lake during a four-hour drive. Thermocol, polythene covers, rubber tubes, Plaster of Paris (PoP) used for making idols and other environmentally harmful materials were removed.

“Nests will be installed by July-end after taking permission from municipal officials. We will spend Rs.10,000 to set up these nests,” said EFI founder Arun Krishnamurthy. Plans have also been drawn up to conduct a study on the aquatic life. A memorandum would be submitted to GHMC requesting to stop using the lake for immersion of Ganesh idols, he said.

In its efforts to restore water bodies in urban nerve centres and promote them as biodiversity spots benefiting life forms, the foundation is adopting lakes in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Lucknow. In Hyderabad, the organisation has already taken up similar drives at lakes in Miyapur and Kukatpally.

“We are planning to seek permission from GHMC to adopt two more lakes in the city and convert them into biodiversity spots to house birds, reptiles and amphibians,” said Mr. Krishnamurthy.

Students from four schools took part in the drive. “It’s a good initiative. We will participate in the programmes aimed at benefiting the society,” a student Alekya said.