What would you do if the road level in front of your house is raised by three feet after it is re-carpeted? Not a peculiar problem in the housing colonies in the city.

Many would consider it inauspicious to live in a house whose level is lower than the road and might go for demolition. But here is a house owner, SVLN Narayana Sarma, who thought of a novel way. He got the entire building ‘raised’ by nearly three feet and brought it on par with the road level in Venkataramana colony near Nagole.

Sarma constructed the house some ten years ago and after the authorities laid the road, the road surface was nearly two feet above the floor level of the house. The solution to this peculiar problem was suggested by his relatives in Chennai. Based on their advise, he contacted the Haryana-based Mamchand and Sons company, which had expertise to “lift” or “shift” the house.

The company pressed into service a group of 15 persons who have been using jacks used in heavy vehicles to lift the house. Initially, they dug up the basement, cut the pillars with gas cutters while using 200 cone shaped jacks and wooden pieces to take the load of the building. Using these jacks, they lifted the building by three feet.

When the building is being lifted, it did not develop a single crack and the wall tiles, window grills and doors remained unaffected, says a satisfied Sarma. Work is now on to strengthen the pillars and fill up the gap between the raised building and the ground. “We have to now assess the structural stability of the house and lay new flooring” explained Sarma.

Harkesh Kumar Chouhan of Mamchand and Sons says the company would take responsibility for any cracks developed during the works. Claiming that the company got the patent for the building-lifting technique in 2008, he said his company (www.mamchand.net) began its operations in 1991. It had so far worked on 5,000 buildings all over the country, either ‘shifting’ them or ‘lifting’ them. The company is charging around Rs.250 per sft.

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