To the customary shopper at a mall on Sunday afternoon, the sudden bout of energy coupled with blaring music came as a complete surprise.

What began as a head-turner - two girls emerging from the crowd to plunge into dance steps - turned soon into a ‘flash mob' with over 25 young men and women performing, amid an astounded crowd, for nearly ten minutes at the GVK One mall.

‘Kolaveri di'

As the fast gathering audience started taking their videos and pictures, the ‘flas mob' shook a leg with gusto to dance numbers that did not give the viral ‘Kolaveri di' a miss. Vijaya Tupurani and Jagath Murlidharan were the choreographers, while Shashank, Aarti, Kartik, Vivek, Sujeet and Kalpana were among the dancers.

Not performed in memory of any person or event, their agenda was clearly to have fun.

No Telugu songs

A YouTube video of the crowd-puller is being viewed and commented by a significant number; some of who lament the lack of local flavour due to absence of Telugu songs, while some others cheer the effort.

Not far behind flash mobs that recently hit the streets of Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi, the culture has been permeating the city over the past year with Inorbit and South India shopping mall already playing hosts to the trend last year.


India shakes a leg December 8, 2011