It is intended to ensure more efficient access to national schemes. But in Hyderabad the ambitious Aadhar scheme is going to deprive the citizens of the facilities they are already enjoying.

The ill-advised decision of some lower rung officials in the Civil Supplies Department to make Aadhar card a must document to get LPG refills and rations will do just that.

Aadhar is taken up by the Unique Identity Development Authority of India (UI DAI) at the national level and the authorities in the city are simply not empowered to link it to delivery of LPG refill cylinders or rations, it is said.

The unwise decision has led to panic among the people who are worried about the supply of gas cylinders and ration next month.

The decision also exposes the lack of coordination between the Commissioner, Civil Supplies, and the officers down the line. The other day Mr. Harpreet Singh went on record that Aadhar can not be linked to supply of LPG at this stage when the entire city population is not covered. Strangely, the Chief Rationing Officer issued a circular to the contrary.

“It is an unfair decision. How can they make Aadhar compulsory when a large number of people have yet to enrol?” said an irate Rajkumar, retired LIC manager of West Marredpally echoing the views of many consumers.

According to K.R.B.H.N Chakravarthi, Director, Civil Supplies, there are still 4 lakh persons to be enrolled for the Aadhar card in the State capital. However, Mr. Harpreet Singh put this number at 10 lakh.

What prompted the authorities to issue the order appears to be the slow pace of enrolment. “There must be some pressure to make people realise the importance of Aadhar,” remarked Mr. Chakravarthi. On an average 20,000 persons are being enrolled per day in the 140 enrolment centres.

At this rate the authorities hope to cover the entire population in the Hyderabad district by August end.

Following the uproar authorities are said to be having second thoughts on making Aadhar mandatory for issue of LPG cylinders and rations. In view of Ramzan beginning next month and also the proposed strike by NGOs it is proposed to keep the decision in abeyance.

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Aadhaar enrolment now at post-officesAugust 12, 2011

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