The Andhra Pradesh Governor, E.S.L. Narasimhan, has sent a strong message to the Vice-Chancellors to set the academic house in order or else face action.

“I propose to take education seriously and anyone found guilty of violation of norms will not be spared,” he warned, adding that the future of students was of utmost importance and that they have the responsibility of providing quality education. He expressed these views while inaugurating the Vice-Chancellors’ conference here on Monday.

“I mean business”

Stating that he meant business, the Governor, who is also the Chancellor of the State Universities, suggested that the universities send a quarterly performance appraisal report to the officials, Minister concerned and himself.

He said that this would bring in the much needed accountability and chance for mid-course correction. It can be taken forward with the constitution of a Vice-Chancellor’s committee. He reminded them that autonomy had to come with accountability. Examinations hade to be conducted according to the academic calendar at any cost as any deviation would ruin students’ lives and no one has the right to play with students’ future. “We will be committing biggest sin of our lives if students’ interests are ignored.”