The GHMC is, in fact, sleeping over a perspective plan mooted by the city traffic police more than a year ago where it had suggested practical solutions to overcome encroachments on footpaths.

One of the important suggestions was to increase the width of footpaths from two feet to four or even five feet depending upon the carriageway whenever there are no encroachments. For footpaths encroached, the report called for extension of footpaths outwards so that pedestrians can walk without getting up and down.

This continuous stretch should be constructed in such a way that it remains different from the original footpath and should give a clear message that it is for the use of pedestrians only.

Once constructed, GHMC teams should keep a strict vigilance of the area – was what traffic police wanted the civic authorities to do as encroachments like dumping of electrical equipment cannot be wished away.

Infrastructure should also be created in such a way that pedestrians should cross roads only at designated points.

Footpaths on both sides of the road should be barricaded, and openings should be kept only at designated crossover points.

Similarly, a three-feet high barricade should be erected on dividers to prevent pedestrians from crossing roads wantonly.

The report also delineates that the crossover points should be provided with facilities like zebra lines, cat- eyes and pedestrian signboards complete with pedestrian signals. The department also proposed to man such points for the benefit of people. The report is now gathering dust in the corridors of the civic body.

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