The State will add another International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) to the existing IIIT-Hyderabad from the next academic year. However, the location for the new IIIT is still being worked out by the Government.

Speaking to the media in Hyderabad on Saturday, the IIIT-H Director, Rajeev Sangal said that it will be one of the seven IIITs starting operations across the country under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode. The IIIT-H will play the mentor role for the new IIIT in the state. These seven institutes are part of the 20 IIITs planned in the PPP mode and cleared by both the Union Cabinet and the Planning Commission.

Under the PPP mode, the HRD Ministry will bear 50 per cent of the costs to set up the institutes in various States while the respective States will contribute 35 per cent and the remaining would come from the private players, Prof. Sangal said. The states would also have to provide land required for the institutes.

Prof. Raj Reddy, Chancellor of IIIT-H said that Information Technology (IT) growth in the country was bound to take-off and the next five decades will see a steady growth and demand. There will be great demand for IT devices and key tool for growth will be creating applications for the common man to give him access to education and entertainment.

Prof. Reddy said India will face a stiff competition from African countries, Philippines and Israel in IT services, but it can still retain its dominance with its innovative approach.

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