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Updated: November 9, 2013 23:20 IST

Alwal residents beg for a fair deal

Marri Ramu
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For the past few months, the three manholes on the cement road in Jyothi Colony of Alwal have been left uncovered. Worst, some passers-by suffered fractures after slipping into them in the dark.

That these manholes have the potential to kill people and are ignored by the local civic authorities expose their lackadaisical attitude. This GHMC circle of Alwal, comprising a population of nearly 1.3 lakh and three divisions, is full of signs of poor civic amenities.

Tholla Karkhana and the neighbouring Bondalagadda areas, with clusters of poor families, are other neglected areas.

“Roads are pot-holed. Drainage lines are always cluttered or over-flow, and mosquito menace makes our lives miserable,” complains Murali, a resident of the area.

Pigs keep strolling freely in the area, so do packs of stray dogs, posing threat to residents. “The one and only decent community hall has a leaky ceiling, within a few months of opening,” he adds.

To meet the water requirement of local residents, officials got a bore drilled, installed a water-drawing machine and fixed a plastic tank. However, the machine does not work, while the tank was rendered useless as steel pipes connected to it were stolen by miscreants.

Many complain of inadequate water supply, that too at odd hours as in Vasavinagar and Ambikanagar, according to milkman Shankar Yadav. The situation at Bhagatsingh Nagar, Bapujinagar and Bhupeshnagar of Yapral is no different.

Despite frequent complaints, no changes were effected in the water supply timings, rues B. Naresh, a resident. M.A. Srinivas Raju of the Lok Satta charges that the civic authorities are negligent in every work, be it sweeping roads or spraying chemicals or controlling mosquitoes. He maintains that the number of teams deployed to clean roads is far below than shown on papers.

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