If mathematics was tough for IIT-JEE aspirants the subject was more student-friendly in the AIEEE, which was conducted on Sunday.

The exam was a three-hour paper with 90 questions in total for 432 marks with 30 questions in each of the subjects. Each subject had 24 questions of four marks and six questions of eight marks. There were four choices for all the questions.

Jumbled questions

There were four sets of the paper and the order of the subject and the choices were completely jumbled in the four versions.

In mathematics, there were five questions of assertion-reasoning type, whereas physics had only two questions.

In physics, there were two comprehension-based sets - one with three questions and the other with two questions. Chemistry did not have any comprehension based or assertion-reasoning based questions. Many problems in physics required sound conceptual understanding.

According to Ajay Antony, an analyst the inclusion of differential marking has confused students and those who were able to allocate time properly among the different questions with different marking schemes were able to do well.

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