‘Birdies,’ a group of lady golfers, had an informal launch to mark its entry into the game renowned for its leisurely pace and style, with the blessings of the Hyderabad Golf Association (HGA).

The HGA committee members welcomed its formation, conveyed their full support and even went a step further in offering to set up exclusive tee times for the ladies.

In the hope of creating more awareness and opportunities among women to play and enjoy golf, Sharmila Reddy supported by Vilasini Reddy, took the initiative to get the group going. The drive got a shot in the arm with Shobana Kamineni of Apollo Munich coming forward to sponsor the Birdies launch along with contributions from Estelle of Normak and HQ Salon.

The US Consul General, Katherine Dhanani, an avid golfer, was present at the event to show her support and encourage more women to take up the game. There were around eight girls aged between eight and 14 years present on the occasion.

It is interesting to note that Sneha Singh, Trisha, Niyati, Anisha, Ishita, Namrita and Teesha Singh are budding golfers in their own right. They play regularly and participate in State/club level tournaments.

That the group opened its arms to members of the fairer sex became obvious when, not to be left behind, were some senior ladies in the gathering. Sulochana Reddy, over 70 years old, was back on the course after a knee surgery as was Vasuda Murthy, a seasoned golfer and mainstay or should we say the backbone of women’s golf in Hyderabad.

The lady golfers, to name a few, Saroja Vivekanand, Rekha, Keerti, Indrani Das, Marylou are all keen golfers. Birdies started on a good note with close to 40 women and girls signing up from ages 7 to 70.

Golf being an outdoor sport had many women in the past dropping out because of extended exposure to the sun. With all the accessories and gear for protection from the sun readily available in the market, more women are taking up the sport.

If vitamin D deficiency is a common enough ailment, no golfer will suffer from it. For the game has excellent health benefits and opens up avenues for making lifelong friendships. There is a lot of humour and camaraderie too.

“As a senior golf professional, teaching golf for the past eight years, I have taught quite a few women and it is interesting to note that they enjoy playing,” says Indrani Pendekanti.

“Today they enjoy and look forward to playing with friends. It keeps them fit and active,” Indrani notes with satisfaction.

Those who wish to join Birdies, looking for happy golfing or would like to learn the game, may contact indrani.p@emaarmgf.com or call 040-66520000.

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