According to investigators, the burglars failed to dispose of the Rs. 5.97-crore worth gold ornaments and precious stones, leading to their surrender

The planning and execution of Tanishq showroom heist prove that the two accused, Bhoomana Kiran and his cousin Anand, were a smarter lot.

But, where they lagged behind was in finding buyers for the booty.

In fact, the fear of failure to dispose of the Rs. 5.97-crore worth gold ornaments and precious stones was the prime reason for Kiran’s surrender, according to investigators.

While Kiran did a reconnaissance of the shop and planned the heist, Anand executed it with clock-work precision. Anand, who had polio on one leg, was determined not to leave a trace of evidence.

He thought investigators would nab an offender through methods like hair DNA test. “He applied hair gel and wore a cap to ensure that not a single strand of hair dropped off his head,” an investigator said.

Not to leave prints, he strapped plastic covers around his feet till the ankles and wore hand gloves.

Anand did not even carry a torch, having decided to switch off lights in the shop after sneaking inside to make sure his images were not caught by secret cameras. All that he used was the light of his mobile phone to collect the jewellery.

Kiran was not at the showroom to help Anand as police had earlier thought. “After making a hole on the rear wall of the shop, he entered inside, while Kiran waited in his room at Rasoolpura. Anand rang up Kiran after collecting the jewellery in three bags,” police said.

Kiran later went to Punjagutta in an auto-rickshaw and waited near the showroom, while Anand came out and handed over the bags to his cousin. After stuffing the three bags in a travel bag, Kiran left for the room on the three-wheeler, while Anand went on foot not to arouse suspicion.

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