Black is back, he proudly announces.

Muralidhar Kesari, the man who gave us ‘Black’ — the popular singing talent show for the visually challenged — is busy shaping the new season of the unique concept. The show will go on air next week.

Named after the Amitabh Bachchan-Rani Mukherjee starrer, ‘Black’ was well-received in its first season, says Mr. Kesari.

“It is designed for the 8-15 year age group and will be spread over 26 episodes,” he says. Mr. Kesari’s team had scouted for talent in nearly 60 institutes meant for the visually challenged across the State and narrowed down on 14 who would be vying for the show’s top honours. “It has been a learning experience — the way these students perceive the world in general and also the world of music,” he says.

From making documentaries on missile programmes to a one-of-a-kind music show, Mr. Kesari has come a long way.

Before ‘Black’, he had handled around 1,500 online episodes of various shows for different Telugu channels. Some of the more popular shows he was associated with included ‘Yahoo’ and ‘Smile Raja Smile’. He was also online director for four seasons of the extremely popular ‘Padutha Thiyaga’.

While the Telugu entertainment channel scenario has remained transfixed on comedies, tragedies and fun shows, ‘Black’ is in a niche of its own. Jhansi who anchored the earlier season, will be the anchor for the new series of the show.