Accused sell boy for Rs. 90,000 to businessman

Eleven-month-old Virat, who was abducted from Singareni Colony at Saidabad on Friday, was rescued by the police on Saturday following a tip-off from an anonymous person.

The alleged kidnapper, Jatavat Bhajan alias Harbhajan, and his accomplice, Venkatesh, were detained and being questioned. The prime accused, Bhajan, a tribal from Amangal of Mahabubnagar district, confessed to have abducted the boy for Rs. 90,000 and sold him to a childless businessman through Venkatesh. Bhajan is a car driver.

“However, the businessman developed cold feet on seeing the boy’s abduction reports in media and returned the boy to Venkatesh and also collected the money back from Bhajan,” the police said. With his plan going awry, Bhajan returned to Singareni Colony to leave the boy there.

At around 3 p.m., an anonymous person rang up the Saidabad police that a stranger was loitering near the colony carrying an infant. Bhajan was about to leave when the police team nabbed him. During interrogation, he told the police that his friend Venkatesh, also a car driver, was approached by the businessman seeking a boy for adoption offering Rs.1 lakh.

Bhajan received Rs.10,000 as advance 10 days ago and another Rs. 80,000 after handing over the boy to Venkatesh. He reportedly kept Venkatesh in the dark about the abduction and claimed the infant to be son of a tribal from Amangal and brought him for adoption with the parents’ consent.

Police are verifying the claims of Bhajan and Venkatesh. A hunt is on for the businessman.

Mandrakes seized

Two foreigners — a Ghana national and a Nigerian — who had come to India on student visas were caught selling mandrakes, a banned narcotic drug, by the Cyberabad police on Saturday.

The Special Operations Team caught the accused Valentine Joseph, 31, of Ghana and Eze Peter Ndubuisi, 32, of Nigeria, on a tip-off that they were trying to sell the drug claiming it was cocaine.

Ten grams of mandrakes was seized from the accused, the SOT Officer-on-Special Duty K. Goverdhan Reddy said.

Students in India

Joseph and Ndubuisi came to India in January 2013 and June 2013 respectively. While the former was pursuing software programme, the second one joined degree course in Nizam College. The duo had been procuring narcotic drugs from Ghana nationals and Nigerians in Mumbai.

They would approach youngsters partying at pubs and clubs and sell the narcotic drugs to them.

The seized drug was valued at Rs. 1 lakh in the international market.

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