Devidas began his ‘rolling yatra’ to Puttaparthi some 1,250 km away, on December 7. Covering an average of 10 km a day, the saffron-clad devotee has completed around 900 km

Devidas must be the best example of perseverance personified. How else does one describe a person who undertook a vow to roll on the ground all the way from his village Amaravathy in Maharashtra to Puttaparthi, which scores believe is the abode of Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba.

He began his ‘rolling yatra’ to Puttaparthy in A.P., some 1,250 kilometres away, on December 7.

Covering an average distance of 10 kilometres a day, the saffron-clad Devidas has completed around 900 kilometres of his ‘rolling yatra’.

The rolling devotee was indeed slowing down traffic on National Highway 7 as curious motorists slowed down to have a glimpse of him between Kothakota and Beechupally on Monday.

Accompanied by kin

He is followed by his family members who either walk along with him or sit in the cycle-rickshaw which is fitted with a public address system that blares out Saibaba’s devotional songs.

Satya Sai Baba's pictures adorn the sides of this modified cycle-rickshaw.

The devout among the curious motorists were seen folding their hands in reverence even as the small entourage overtook them slowly. Apart from the curiosity factor, Devidas’ unique attempt has garnered good support from the local Satya Sai Seva Samitis and organisations of Saibaba devotees which take up social service activities.

Logistical help

“We provide some logistical support to him. We will take care of his food and escort him for some distance before other samiti volunteers take over,” said Chandramouli, one of the volunteers walking along with the devotee even as he rolled to this correspondent driving down to Bangalore on the same route.

Chandramouli has been following Devidas ever since he rolled into Mahabubnagar district.

“I will go up to Kurnool border and then the Kurnool Samiti will take over,” he explains. According to him, Devidas covers some 10 to 13 kilometres everyday.

His ‘rolling yatra’ begins at 7 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. Faith, they say moves mountains, but in this case it does make one roll, literally.