450-year-old copper coin of 3 Qutb Shahi ruler found

The missing link is finally here. M.A. Qaiyum, noted historian, could not hold back his surprise when he recently came across the 450-year-old copper coin minted during the rule of Ibrahim Qutb Shah. Curiously, the historian stumbled upon the rare coin on an Old City pavement.

Coins of the third Qutb Shahi king, Sultan Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah, had been conspicuous by their absence. Even the A.P State Museum, which boasts thousands of copper coins of the erstwhile rulers, drew a blank when it came to those dating back to 1550-80 when Ibrahim Qutb Shah ruled.

“It’s a rare find, as coins of that period are not available in the museum,” says Mr. Qaiyum, who got it for a song.


What adds substance to the coin is the legible inscription on it. The obverse side has the name, ‘Sultan Ibrahim Quli’, inscribed, and the reverse sports the legend, ‘Ghulam-e-Murtuza Ali’.

The coin, which weighs about 12 gm, represents an excellent piece of calligraphy. The style is quite similar to the Arabic inscriptions seen on the Qutb Shahi tombs.

According to numismatists, only six coins of the Ibrahim Qutb Shah period are available as of now.

But, it is not known as to what legend they bear and when they were issued.

The 6 coin, published by Hurmuz Kaus, an ancient coin collector, is of small size and bears the legend, ‘Juloose Jaiz Ibrahim Quli’, on the obverse and ‘Sadatmand-e-Ali’on the reverse . The coin was issued from the Golconda Mint in 1565 A.D.

The recently discovered coin bears the distinct legend of the ruler, Ibrahim Qutb Shah, in Arabic style. Scholars believe him to be the first Sultan to issue coins in his own name in the Qutb Shahi dynasty.

But, many do not subscribe to this view, as only one coin of Subhan Quli and four coins of Jamsheed Quli, the immediate predecessors of Ibrahim Qutb Shah, are available.


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