Neeraj Kumar Sampathy has posted 61 select videos on YouTube which registered over 3 lakh visits

Trick shots in cue sports, they say, are the most spectacular and difficult ones to play.

And, exactly for this reason, Neeraj Kumar Sampathy, doctored a few of them in Carrom and posted about 61 select videos on the YouTube – carrompassion (

His aim is to reignite the passion and interest among people about the sport.

His efforts seem to have fructified if one takes into account the stunning response from across the globe as the visits to the carrom passion channel crossed the three-lakh mark.

“I think I have achieved the objective,” says an elated Dr. Neeraj.

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sampathy, an alumnus of Osmania Medical College, is the executive president of Andhra Carrom Association and now runs a school in Vizag.

The concept showcases how some trick shots can be played which otherwise look seemingly impossible, points out Dr. Neeraj, who continues to spend hours together on the carrom board trying out new tricks.

“It is not just going out there and playing blind shots. There is a theory and logic behind these shots which I try to highlight through these videos,” the 43-year-old reminds referring to the 500 strokes he posted on YouTube.

The viewers are interactive and a high percentage of them are students of professional colleges and IT professionals. “I can vouch that this sport ensures great concentration levels and makes you very balanced in your thoughts,” says Dr. Neeraj. Interestingly, he never played any major tournament.


It is his passion which drives him to come up with innovative ideas.

He is now planning to launch a website ‘’ which would have a wealth of information on the sport including shots, tournament videos, training programmes and articles on the sport and sports psychology.

The plan is also to post e-books which should help newcomers on the organisational front, educating young talent by giving all the relevant details about the sport. “I have already distributed 2000 CDs ‘10 Slams & 100 Ideas’ which cover most of the areas I intend to highlight,” says Dr. Neeraj.

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