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Author Jeffrey Archer Photo: Sangeetha Devi Dundoo
HYDERABAD, March 6, 2015

‘Money is irrelevant’

“When I got into the car on my way to this interview, I got a call saying the book is number 1 in South Africa, India, Australia and number 1 in Sunday Times in England; all this within the... »
A screenshot of Airtel commercial
HYDERABAD, March 4, 2015

Share the load, defy stereotypes

The advertising industry is going through a churn, making an effort to get rid of gender stereotypes. There was a time, not long ago, when detergent commercials almost always showed women strugglin... »
Sadiq selling Telugu poetry books on his push cart near Nizam College. Photo: Ramesh Babu
March 3, 2015

Poetry on wheels

Most of the things that one requires for the benefit of physical health, like fruits and vegetables are sold on push carts or thela band. What about food for thought? Where does one get the... »
The people behind the numbers Is what Swati set out to detail.
Bengaluru, March 2, 2015

A journey of life

Swati Chanda’s first novel Drowning Fish (Hachette India) spans three generations. The novels follows women from East Bengal after the 1950s, to a humble home in Triangular Park in Calcutta... »
The lush green countryside of Coorg offered a great backdrop for the story.
March 2, 2015

When location is character

A love story set in the lush coffee plantations of Coorg, where love blooms when the coffee flowers bloom! And you have a Kodava protagonist in a Hindi movie! Co-written by Mumbaikar from Kerala, M... »
Gullu Dada is ready for his shot
Hyderabad, March 5, 2015

Apna humour, revisited

A true-blue Hyderabadi knows where to find biryani, chai, haleem and of late been going ga ga over Gullu dada movies. Say Aaiin…and unanimous response would be ‘Gullu ishtyle’. After... »
March 3, 2015

Walking the sunlit path

Fancy baking cup cakes on your balcony minus the cost of LPG or electricity? You sure can enjoy the cake even more knowing you have not added to carbon footprints! More so you will be harnessing s... »
Some try to keep themselves away from it during Lent
March 3, 2015

Tech takes a Lenten break

It is a ritual Novel Nathan has been observing for some years now. Every day after coming back from school, he logs on to Facebook to stay connected with his friends and relatives. Since the Ash We... »
Editing apps add sparkle to moments captured on the go.
March 2, 2015

Click, edit, share

‘Every monkey with a camera thinks he is a photographer,’ goes a joke on Facebook. As long as you have a phone with a camera of decent resolution, you don’t really need an SLR to show off your phot... »
Make it an integral part of your life. Photo: Jean Henrique Wichinoski
March 1, 2015
Urban yoga

How to make yoga a habit

The first few months of yoga practice are the most fun. It’s all new and exciting. Last week, you couldn’t touch your toes and today you can. Last week, you could only balance for a few seconds be... »

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