How long does it take to conduct police verification? This simple question haunts and frustrates twenty-nine-year-old Sudhakar every week, whenever he walks into the Chilkalguda police station.

With little luck, Sudhakar along with his mother Andalu have been visiting the police station for over a month.No one in the police station or the GHMC has come up with a satisfactory reply that will calm their frayed nerves.

Sudhakar is the eldest son of V. Ramulu, superintendent in the urban community department of GHMC, who was killed in the Dilsukhnagar twin blasts.

Running around

“When we go to the police station, they say that they have not received our file from the GHMC. On visiting GHMC, the officials say that the file requesting for police verification has been sent long ago to the Chilkalguda police station,” a thoroughly annoyed Sudhakar says.

Over 90 days have passed since the death of the family’s bread winner and yet there is no sign of the promised government job.

The mother and son, sometimes along with Ramulu’s two daughters, Swati and Sravanti, have been knocking the doors of several departments with little success. While the family has been promised a job in GHMC, the file pertaining to Sudhakar has apparently been caught in the official red tape.

Empty promises

“When we met the GHMC Commissioner, he said he will do anything to help our family.

When we approached Secunderabad MLA Jayasudha, she said the same thing. We were naïve to believe such empty promises. We stopped going to the Commissioner’s office because we are made to wait for hours before being sent back empty handed. These days, Jayasudha does not even pick our phone calls. Officials are not honest to help,” Andalu, wife of Ramulu, says.

Completed MCA

Sudhakar has been offered a job of junior assistant with a salary of Rs. 13,000 per month in the GHMC.

Petition submitted

“I have done MCA and have requested the GHMC authorities to consider appointing me as a senior assistant. But, we were informed that it is only possible if we get a letter from the Chief Minister.

The post of junior assistant is the highest post that they could offer. Twice we went to the Chief Minister’s camp office and submitted our memorandum to provide employment on humanitarian grounds. We don’t even know whether our memorandum has reached the CM or not,” shrugs Sudhakar.

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