The family of Mohd. Ghouse in the Old City heaved a sigh of relief on Wednesday when five youngsters – among them were four brothers -- who were whisked away by police in a red Tavera returned home safely.

The youth were taken away from their house in Yousufain Colony in Chandrayangutta late on Tuesday night triggering tension in the area, as the persons who picked them up claimed themselves to be cops from Santoshnagar police station.

Worried relatives rushed to the PS only to be told that they were not there. This gave rise to intense speculations that the youth were picked up for ‘terror links.’ But later, it turned out that they were picked up by the Kukatpally police and detained at the KPHB police station for questioning.

No clue found

“The police enquired about one Jani Moosa and asked us whether we knew him. But we are not aware of any person by that name,” Mohd. Jaweed told The Hindu after his release. The police also asked for the marriage CD of their brother Mohd. Rafeeq, but could not get any clue.

Earlier, tension gripped Chandrayangutta area after about 8-10 persons forced their way into the house of Mr. Ghouse and took away his sons – Mohd. Sajid (18), Mohd. Rafeeq (25), Jaweed (20) and Mohd. Majid (16) -- and son-in-law Mohd. Mazher (30).

They were whisked away in a red Tavera leading to suspicion of ‘terror arrest’.

The youngsters work in meat shops on daily wagers. Rafeeq got married just two weeks ago, a family member said.

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