‘The cracker literally burst on my face when I ventured near it’

Diwali celebrations turned quite unpleasant for a few in Hyderabad. At least 14 persons including eight children were admitted to the Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital with eye injuries they suffered while bursting crackers.

In addition, close to 30 persons received treatment at the outpatient wing of the hospital for minor eye injuries on Wednesday.

Barring three adults, the nature of the eye injuries among others including the children was not serious, hospital surgeons said.

“The injuries that children had suffered were of external in nature. Some had burnt eye lids while others had scarring. There was no loss of vision to anyone and all the children have already been discharged,” Superintendant, Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital P. V. Nanda Kumar Reddy said.

Corneal tear

Doctors said three patients -- Murali (28), Sudhakar (26) and Kamal (38) -- were under observation for a day and would be released by Thursday. “Murali suffered a corneal tear or laceration and was operated upon. He received two sutures in the cornea. Sudhakar and Kamal suffered from blood accumulation in the eyes. They will be kept for a day so that the eye regains its normal colour,” Dr. Nanda Kumar explained.

The patients were complaining of pain and blurred vision.

“I went near the fire cracker, which did not burst the first time around. The cracker literally burst on my face when I ventured near it. At present, the doctors have promised me that I will regain my vision. I have pain in my eyes,” said Murali in the post-operative ward.

The surgeons said all the eye injuries occurred when persons ventured near the crackers after they did not burst the first time. “This happens all the time when revellers go near the firecracker to light it one more time. Not a single patient has lost vision,” Dr. Nanda Kumar maintained.


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