Infant’s uncle leaves kid with stranger while he fills water

An 11-month-old baby boy was abducted from Singareni Colony in Saidabad on Friday.

Vadtya Vatcha, uncle of the boy Virat, was carrying the infant when his wife asked him to collect drinking water from the nearby public tap.

“A person roaming in the locality for past four to five days was hanging around and I left the boy with him till I collected water,” Vatcha, told the police.

Vatcha said it took him 30 minutes to fill the vessels and claimed that he had forgotten about having asked the stranger to take care of the infant, Saidabad Inspector A. Srinivasulu said.

Nearly three hours later, the boy’s mother Mangti came to him enquiring about her son.

When Vatcha told her about leaving the boy with the stranger, she started searching for him, but he had disappeared by then. Based on the complaint lodged by Vatcha, Saidabad Police registered a case of kidnap and began a hunt for the abductor.

Vatcha told the police that the suspect spoke Telugu.

“We are getting a portrait of the suspect made based on the description given by Vatcha and hope to nab the kidnapper soon,” the police said.

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