Among the many initiatives undertaken to exhort the young to vote across the country, one is Voterite, a website where all the information you can get on a politician is available. Started by Vikram Nalagampalli, who calls himself a “Global Indian,” the website is intended to target net savvy people.

“There is tremendous apathy among the upwardly mobile, urban 18-35 year olds when it comes to taking part in elections. If they put their mind to it, this target group can bring drastic changes to electoral results, and drive accountability of elected candidates. Voterite provides a common platform where anyone can get any information about any leader he/she may be interested in,” said Mr. Nalagampalli, who was in the city earlier this week.

“Recent studies have shown that over 220 MP constituencies can be influenced by social media users, and there already is enough buzz about social media conversations on elections. What we need is a platform to harness all these conversations, influence more social media users to participate in the conversations and get them to vote,” he added.

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