A Delhi court has sentenced a 22-year-old boy to 10 years in jail for raping a minor saying he was expected to be her “saviour” but turned out to be her “tormentor”.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat handed down the jail term to Delhi resident Rampal, who was a friend of the victim’s maternal uncle.

“The rape of a minor girl of just six years of age who does not even know the names and functions of human sexual organs should be viewed with utmost seriousness and the offender be punished very sternly. It is not difficult to realise the emotional trauma the victim had been going through at the time she was being subjected to said dastardly act,” the court said.

“In fact, it would have hardly come to her mind that she is being ravished or raped. The convict was not unknown to the victim girl. She looked up to him as her guardian addressing him as her ‘maama’ and the convict, who was expected to be a saviour for the victim, turned out to be her tormentor. The convict does not deserves to be let off lightly,” it said.

Rampal was arrested by the police after the girl’s mother lodged a complaint that while she and her husband was away for their job, the accused on May 30, 2012 took her daughter to his room on the pretext of giving chocolate and raped her.

The complainant also told the court that Rampal use to come to her house as he was friend with her brother.

However, the accused during the trial had told the court that he has been falsely implicated and the police case is nothing but a concocted story.

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