Bodies of both brothers handed over to family

It was an X-ray of Ponty Chadha’s body which made the doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences realise that some of the bullets lodged in his body had not been removed in the first post-mortem.

Sources said the post-mortem on the two bodies at AIIMS went on for around three hours and it was only around 5-15 p.m. that the bodies were handed over to the family. Thereafter, as per the tradition, the bodies were taken by the family to a farm house at Chhatarpur.

In the meantime, doctors at AIIMS realised that there had been a big oversight on their part as all the bullets had not been removed from Ponty’s body. The X-ray had confirmed the major lapse.

At this the AIIMS doctors got in touch with the Delhi Police and summoned Ponty’s body back to the hospital.

Realising that a major faux pas has been committed, the police immediately urged the family to allow Ponty’s body to be taken for the second post-mortem. Though the aggrieved family members initially got angry and resisted the move, they later saw merit in the Delhi Police’s position and relented.

Thereafter Ponty’s body was again taken for a post-mortem to AIIMS. While one bullet is learnt to have been removed earlier, three which had remained lodged in the body were now removed by the doctors.

After the second post-mortem, Ponty’s body was again released to the family around 8-15 p.m. Then the family took both his body as also that of Hardeep’s for cremation, which finally took place around 9 p.m.


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