An elderly woman was robbed of jewellery worth over Rs.3 lakh by two “policemen” in Kalkaji here on Saturday.

Kailash Rani (74) was returning after morning walk when two men claiming to be policemen in plainclothes accosted her and asked her to take off her jewellery.

“They told my mother-in-law that a woman was murdered in Kalkaji a day ago and that it was not safe to move around with so much jewellery on. While talking to her they signalled a motorcyclist to stop and asked him to remove his gold chain. When the motorcyclist refused, one of them slapped him and forced him to remove the gold chain. They wrapped the chain in a newspaper and returned it to him,” said M.S. Behl.

Convinced after this incident, the Chandigarh resident handed over her jewellery to them.

They pretended to tie the jewellery to her sari. When she reached home and untied the knot, she found three artificial bangles inside.

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