Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel on Wednesday wondered how the power tariff was increased four times even as Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna told the Delhi Assembly that the government had saved Rs.30,000 crore by privatisation of power distribution.

Mr. Goel said the L-G’s speech was a “reflection of the working of the Government”. “The L-G said the Delhi Government is a caring government. If this is true then why does the Chief Minister’s daughter feels unsafe in Delhi? Why do senior citizens, women, children feel unsafe in their houses. It has been said in the speech that the entire world is suffering from inflation but in Delhi inflation is under control. The truth is that even after 15 years in power, the Congress Government has not been able to provide sufficient water, power, cheap food grains and fuel, fruits, and vegetables at fair price,” Mr. Goel said.

The BJP chief said that despite water supply charges being hiked about ten times people are not getting clean and safe water. “Nearly 40 per cent of the people of Delhi are depend on private sources to get water supply. There are no proper facilities for transport in the rural areas of Delhi. On an average, seven persons become victim of accidents on the roads of the Capital every day and they meet an untimely death or become handicapped forever. In Delhi, four children are kidnapped every day. Media survey shows that 94 per cent of women feel unsafe in Delhi,” Mr. Goel said.

He also derided the Government’s claim that Delhi was a world-class city.

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