The Walled City of Delhi would also get a facelift ahead of the Commonwealth Games later this year. Delhi Urban Development and Finance Minister A.K. Walia on Wednesday announced that Rs.4.5 crore have been sanctioned for removing all overhanging wires in the area and placing them underground to improve the look of the various localities in Shahjahanabad.

Dr. Walia, who visited various parts of the Walled City, including Darya Ganj and Ramlila Grounds, to personally assess the problems relating to parking of vehicles and the shabby look which the area wore due to hanging overhead wires, said the Delhi Government has decided to complete the beautification work in the area before the commencement of the Games. He also directed the officials accompanying him to ensure that the works are complete on time as Shahjahanabad is visited by a large number of foreigners.

At Darya Ganj and Ramlila Maidan, he interacted with the local representatives including traders and spoke to them about the parking problems. Dr. Walia announced that the Urban Development Department has decided to construct a parking for 2,000 vehicles over a 10,000 sq.m. area by executing a re-development plan of a senior secondary school and a District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) complex.

He said the multi-level underground parking would solve the existing problem to a great extent and the redevelopment programme includes a multi-storey complex to house the existing school and DIET complex.

The Minister also directed the officials to draw up a plan for another parking of about 1,000 vehicles near Ghata Masjid and explore the possibility of an underground parking at Mahavir Vatika. Besides, he said, the parking lot near Purdah Bagh can also take care of vehicles being presently parked in the lanes and by-lanes of Darya Ganj and other roads. This would rid the area of traffic disruption and traffic jams.

At Ramlila Maidan too, he said, an underground multi-level parking spread over three hectares can address the needs of the entire Shahjahanabad area for parking of commercial vehicles and buses during rallies.

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