Delhi Urban Development Minister A. K. Walia on Wednesday ordered rehabilitation of one kilometre of trunk sewer line on Vikas Marg in East Delhi.

Dr. Walia, who visited Vikas Marg and M and L Blocks of Laxmi Nagar along with senior officials of the Delhi Jal Board, was told that the area residents were facing difficulties due to overflowing sewer lines, mixing of sewer water with drinking water, creation of large-size potholes on roads due to collapsing of sewer lines and inadequate water supply because of non-functional ranney wells.

The Minister raised the issue with DJB Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Negi and directed that urgent steps be taken to ameliorate the grievances of the people in the area, which is party of his Assembly constituency.

Stating that piecemeal approaches should not be adopted, Dr. Walia said the DJB would immediately take up rehabilitation of one km trunk sewer line on main Vikas Marg at an estimated cost of Rs.10 crore. This will also include a parallel 900 mm sewer line on this section.

Further, he said, the Jal Board will prepare a comprehensive rehabilitation plan of sewer lines in entire trans-Yamuna area for inclusion in its 12th Five Year Plan. And to overcome the problem of overflowing sewer lines, it was decided that two new 5 MGD sewage pumps will be commissioned at Preet Vihar pumping station and the DJB will make functional a ranney well in Laxmi Nagar area to ease supply of drinking water.

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