With the newly developed world-class infrastructure for the Commonwealth Games quickly coming apart and losing its sheen, Delhi Urban Development Minister A. K. Walia on Monday directed the agencies concerned to look into the issue of its upkeep.

Dr. Walia has sent letters to the Delhi Development Authority, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi Municipal Council, Public Works Department, Delhi Transport Corporation, Northern Railway, Delhi Police, National Highway Authority of India, Secretary (Environment), Secretary (Art and Culture), Secretary (Health) and heads of some other departments to take cognisance of the deficiencies in maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure.

The Minister said he was concerned because of the inadequate maintenance of the new infrastructure, frequent stealing of valuable government property, and damage to the greenery, parks and well-maintained, landscaped and illuminated monuments. He also cautioned that with continued damage to the costly and modern infrastructure there was bound to be an irreparable loss to the image of the Capital city, which had been widely appreciated by visitors, sportspersons, officials and the people during the Games.

“If such negligence continues during next few months, the infrastructure may suffer substantial damage making revival a Herculean task,” he cautioned.

In his letters, Dr. Walia said the steps needed should be both curative and precautionary in nature. Noting with concern that the newly-developed infrastructure was losing its sheen due to little visible cracks, damaged paints, loose grills, potholes on roads, un-cleaned foot over bridges, broken flower pots, accumulation of debris, uneven and shabby landscaping, broken signages, non-functional traffic lights and street lights, the Minister demanded that these agencies pay serious attention to the issues at hand.

With ongoing rampant unauthorised constructions, unsatisfactory sanitary conditions and issues like non-disposal of solid-waste also plaguing the city, Dr. Walia said the letters were a wake-up call to act swiftly and preserve and conserve the glory of Delhi.

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