Water-logging and blocked entrance are perennial sights at Vaishali Metro Station in Ghaziabad

When the commuters at Vaishali Metro Station in Ghaziabad are confronted with such realities on a daily basis, one wonders about the basis on which it was adjudged the ‘Best Metro Station’ earlier this year.

The station, which falls on the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line, is beset with many problems and this is just one of them.

This is a perennial sight at one of the two entrances to the station. The site is either clogged by rainwater, overflowing drainage, or is either blocked by the rickshaw pullers, who have scant regard for the commuters walking out of the station.

If you haven’t got hurt all this while, it is just by pure luck but the rickshaw pullers haven’t done anything to save you.

Ensuring a smooth exit and entry would be the responsibility of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), which seems to be not bothered about it at all. But the metro authorities have been kind enough to keep some bricks affording the poor commuters a rather precarious walk. 

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