On January 30 night, in a swift five-hour operation a pre-fabricated girder of a first-of-its-kind foot over-bridge with no mid-support was installed by Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) Limited on Mathura Road near Bhairon Marg.

With the installation of the girder that spans Mathura Road and has no support in between the two ends taking place at night, there was no disruption of traffic while the most important task in the construction of the FOB was performed.

DIMTS said an expert team of architects and engineers were hired to create a unique architectural and structural design meeting international standards. Accordingly the bridge was conceived to look like an arch-type gateway, with its location actually making it a gateway to South Delhi.

The arches of the bridge are 59 metres long with the clear central span extending to 33 metres. The total gross weight of the walkway steel structure is about 40 metric tonnes. Special seamless steel pipes were imported from abroad and were then bent to the precise curvature to make this span.

According to DIMTS, the installation of the pre-fabricated walkway girder was done with great precision with the help of two 150-tonne cranes.

“What makes this FOB special is the pipe-based steel structure of the bridge and the fact that it is the largest single span bridge of its kind in Delhi (a kind of hanging bridge without any mid-support). Another feature that sets it apart is the large capacity lifts on either side of the bridge for differently-abled people,’’ it said.

This is also the first FOB in Delhi to have landscaping on both the approach towers as well as the walkway. The walkway will also boast street furniture, benches and greenery giving the people a beautiful view of the ancient Purana Quila.

The FOB is part of the infrastructure development taking place for the Commonwealth Games and has been built to provide easy access to Dhyan Chand Stadium for people coming from Purana Quila parking.

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