Siphoned off over Rs.10 lakh using cloned cards

Two young men allegedly involved in cloning of credit and debit cards have been arrested at Adarsh Nagar in North-West Delhi. The gang had siphoned off over Rs.10 lakh using cloned cards.

Acting on a tip-off that a man would come to an ATM booth to withdraw money using a cloned card, the police arrested Rajesh, 28. Six debit/credit cards were purportedly seized from him.

None of them had been issued in his name and all were found to be cloned. Rajesh had earlier worked for a finance company.

During interrogation, Rajesh disclosed that he had recently met one Vipin, a resident of Baraut in Uttar Pradesh, who wanted to get a motorcycle financed from his company.

Vipin introduced him to Kamal, 26, who told Rajesh he could earn one per cent to two per cent commission on getting transactions of genuine cards encashed through several shops. The two accused would clone cards and use them for purchases.

At Rajesh's instance, the police arrested Kamal and purportedly seized two more cloned card from him.

According to the police, Rajesh disclosed that they would obtain details of genuine cards by getting them swiped through a skimmer, and then hand over the encrypted data to Vipin to be transposed on the magnetic strip of blank plastic cards using a computer software.

The police are identifying the shops where the accused would use the cards to make money.

The police said Rajesh was previously involved in five cases of vehicle thefts in North East Delhi in 2009. He was in jail for about nine months. Kamal was earlier involved in a similar case in Hauz Khas.

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