DGCA also orders probe into the collision incident

Two technicians and an aircraft maintenance engineer involved in the collision which took place between a SpiceJet aircraft and an IndiGo aircraft at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here on Thursday have been de-rostered, a Directorate General of Civil Aviation source has said.

The DGCA has also ordered a probe into the incident in which the IndiGo aircraft was allegedly seriously damaged.

A SpiceJet spokesperson said: “Our aircraft was heading to the parking bay for maintenance when it accidentally collided with an IndiGo aircraft. Our own aircraft was also damaged.”

According to an IndiGo statement, a SpiceJet aircraft while taxiing out of from bay number 15 collided with the IndiGo aircraft parked at bay number one.

In the collision, the right side of the IndiGo aircraft fuselage was hit resulting in structural damage of the flight recorder access door area of the aircraft.

A “Follow Me” vehicle which was patrolling the area witnessed the incident and reached the bay immediately.

Delhi International Airport Limited and IndigGo flight safety teams also reached the spot.

None of the aircraft were carrying any passengers, hence nobody was injured, the statement said.

A DIAL source labelled it as a serious incident.

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