A crisis of sorts is prevailing in Aurobindo College (Evening) which is witnessing contesting claims to the post of Principal from Dr. Bimlesh Yadav, who has been placed on leave by the college governing body pending the inquiry against her, and Dr. Kusum Lata, who has been appointed acting Principal for the duration of leave of Dr. Bimlesh Yadav.

In a statement, Dr. Bimlesh Yadav has said that she was asked to proceed on forced leave and had been wrongly framed in graft charges. Claiming that the university had issued a letter quashing the governing body’s decision of sending her on leave, she has alleged that the governing body had appointed an acting Principal without obtaining permission from the university.

A letter written by Delhi University deputy registrar to Aurobindo College states that “there is no provision of sending a teacher/Principal on leave without his/her applying for the same. As per “the provisions contained in Clause 7 (3) of Ordinance XVIII…any temporary arrangement for the post of Principal shall require the prior approval of the university. But the college has not obtained any such approval from the university. The college may therefore take necessary action as per the provisions contained in the ordinances of the university.”

Dr. Yadav has claimed that “after receipt of clarification from the university”, she continues to be the college Principal.

However, Dr. Kusum Lata, who has stated that she is acting Principal in an office order, has directed that all official, academic and administrative matters be brought for her consideration till the governing body order regarding her functioning as acting Principal remain in force.

Governing body chairman Rakesh Bhan said in a statement that members of the body had met the Vice-Chancellor to apprise him of the situation and to seek clarification regarding the letter issued by the deputy registrar. The delegation appealed to the V-C to allow the governing body to conduct a fair and unbiased inquiry.

The statement said: “Dr. Bimlesh Yadav has been under investigation for financial embezzlement, violation of recruitment rules, gross mismanagement, insubordination… and several other violations,” adding that evidence against Dr. Yadav had emerged in 2007 and the governing body had recommended her suspension for a “fair and impartial inquiry”.

To suspend her, the body sought the university’s approval in 2007 as according to DU ordinances, a Principal may be suspended only with the prior approval of the V-C. The request was reiterated by consecutive governing bodies in 2008 and 2009 only to be refused. However, the governing body was permitted to conduct an enquiry, get Dr. Yadav’s response and take appropriate action.

The statement further claimed that Ordinance XII of the university which is the reference point while conducting an enquiry against a teacher does not have any information with regard to procedures for conducting an inquiry. Also it was accepted practice to suspend employees pending enquiry. Further the Ordinance did not restrict the right of the appointing authority or governing body to place a teacher on leave to ensure that the teacher does not interfere in an inquiry against her/him.

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