A mishap was averted on Saturday due to timely intervention of Railway staff on the Delhi-Rohtak rail section. On Saturday at around 7:40 am, the keyman on duty noticed that an eucalyptus tree – about 80 feet in length -- had fallen on the tracks between Kharawar and Asthal Bohar stations on the Delhi-Rohtak section.

The keyman informed his superiors and rail services on the section were immediately stopped. The tree was then cut and removed before rail traffic was restored on both the tracks at 9-15 a.m. The railways said the services could have been resumed even earlier but it took this long to restore the traffic as overhead electric wires were also damaged.

Trees pose danger

Delhi division of Northern Railway had written to the Department of Forest of Haryana Government last year that eucalyptus trees lining both sides of the tracks between Kharawar-Asthal Boha-Rohtak pose a danger to the rail traffic.

“If the Forest Department of Haryana Government had taken timely action for the removal of these trees such an incident could have been avoided,” said the public relation officer of the Delhi railway administration.

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