Found guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder

A wife-beater has been found guilty of “culpable homicide not amounting to murder” after he beat his wife up with a trishul, and sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rs.50,000, by a Rohini sessions court here.

While awarding the sentence, additional sessions judge Kamini Lau said a message was required to be sent loud and clear that wife bashing has no place in a civilized society and violent husbands deserve no mercy. “Wife beating is no longer inevitable and a private affair being legally outlawed in India and is unacceptable. There can be no justification for the same and wife bashers require to be socially exposed and publicly taken to task,” she said.

The convict, Ravinder (44), and his wife Sandhya would often quarrel and the latter would usually leave the house.

One day when Sandhya came back to the house to collect her certificates, a quarrel ensued after which she was attacked with a trishul by her husband, his mother and his sister.

She sustained injuries on her face and other body parts as a result of which she is permanently scarred.

The convict pleaded for an easier sentence stating that he was the sole breadwinner of the family and that he had two children and an aged mother to support.

The judge said given the brutality of his crime he could not be shown mercy: “The extent of violence shown by the convict Ravinder is unimaginable. The marital abuse which the injured Sandhya has suffered is not merely a case of domestic spat but a criminal act of assault and violation of civil rights calling for punishment to be inflicted upon the convict as any other act of violence. Having lost his control over self and sense of reason, he inflicted injuries on the face of his wife with a trishul as a result of which she sustained grievous injuries and was hospitalised for about 12-13 days leaving her scarred for life. Why should he be given any indulgence?” the judge asked.

The judge added that wife battering includes psychological, sexual or physical assault by an assailant against his wife or partner with the intention of gaining control by inducing fear and pain.

“It is a silent crime and is prevalent the world over cutting across all sections of society. In India, domestic violence in various forms is a big social problem and physical abuse/ violence on wives is widespread within families and outside it. Violent husbands often get away lightly either because women silently accept the same in order to save their marriage or the victim is financially handicapped and sending the husband to jail would mean the end of financial sustenance for herself and her children,” the judged noted.

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