It’s not just water and electricity, the youth want redressal of specific issues

It was the young who knew about specific issues and people in their areas who could offer redress. They were well-informed about the policies and overall political scenario in the country and they stepped out to vote on the crucial day. These young voters of West Delhi seemed to be in sharp contrast to the members of the older generation who were not as ‘informed’ .

“We are not concerned with issues like water and electricity of which we have plenty, the problem is corruption, of course, like they all keep saying,” said middle-aged Upasna Dogra at the Hari Nagar constituency who had come to vote with her 72-year-old mother and 18-year-old daughter Krittika in tow.

“As soon as I turned eighteen, I asked my parents to get me a voter’s card,” said Krittika , adding that her problems and issues were specific and she had decided to vote for the candidate promising a redress to their parking vows. “We do not have space to park our cars for years now. I study in Gurgaon and a car would really help my daily commute. The only reason I am inconvenienced is because of poor planning,” she said.

“Horrible fights break out almost everyday, sometimes in the middle of the night between neighbours and all because of lack of parking space. There is space which can be made with some planning. I will vote for the person who I feel is efficient enough to do this,” said another first time voter Heena Bhargava.

Another middle-aged woman was Anita Jolly and her children who had all come to vote and agreed that Tilak Nagar had more issues than any other part of the city.

“Rising prices are affecting all of us, and only because of bad policy decisions. The rich do not care whether onion costs are Rs. 50 or Rs. 150. It is only the poor, who are getting poorer. I will definitely not cast my vote for people who are responsible for this,” said Triveni Saigal, another first-time voter at the Hari Nagar constituency.

Twenty-year old Madhu in the Patel Nagar constituency had brought along her entire family of eight to cast their vote for better roads. “I go by cycle rickshaw to the metro station everyday and the journey is a chore given the amount of potholes and side-cracks on the roads. I want these issues that really affect our lives to be addressed and that is why I forced my family to come here without breakfast,” she said.

In Janakpuri, too, while the elderly nodded along and thought hard before listing out the usual water, electricity list, around 15 youngsters spoken to at different parts of the area listed sanitation as a major concern. “Sewages are not properly covered, public urinals raise a stink for the whole road and the garbage is never cleared on time. This is a major issue here,” said Yashika Sareen who had come with her parents to vote.

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