Away from the boardroom, an industrialist focuses his lens on documentary films for wildlife conservation

Apart from pursuing business deals in real estate, Naveen Raheja, chairman of Raheja Developers, is also interested in conservation of wildlife and loves tigers.

A wildlife enthusiast, he has formed a film unit within his company to produce documentaries and films on the forest and fauna, saving tigers and conservation of wildlife in various parts of the country.

The company was recently awarded the Golden Peacock Award for Eco-Innovation 2012.

The film unit is aimed at covering all aspects of conservation and wildlife in professional hi-definition format filming to spreading awareness on the importance of wildlife and forest conservation among citizens of the country through various information mediums including television channels and the internet. The company has also decided to join hands with the forest authorities in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand to work for the survival of tigers, leopards, elephants and other endangered species in these forests.

Mr. Raheja, who had once taken up the cause of saving the tiger through a petition in Supreme Court, said that the theme of these films would focus on creating awareness of the varieties of flora and fauna, man-animal conflict, shrinking of forests and endangered wildlife. One of the productions of the company on wildlife is being currently shown on Doordarshan National (DD1) every Saturday titled ‘Wilderness Days’.

He was involved in the fight for rehabilitation of Gujjars of Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand and has served on the Steering Committee of Project Tiger.