A photo exhibition on socially excluded communities, and challenging the inhuman caste based practice of manual scavenging will mark the occasion of United Nations Human Rights Day today. Organised by the Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) and British Council, the exhibition ‘Breaking Margins’ attempts to raise the need for social inclusion by breaking the margins of discrimination, through images captured by Sanjit Das Lee, Firoz Ahmad and Nologo. Around 30 images and text plates will be displayed at the British Council premises in the Capital to bring stories and visual narratives punctuated by community perspectives.

“The fact that discrimination is so invisible and can only be captured through rare scope of symbolisms and relative comparisons draws me deeper into the issue. I feel we need to capture these non apparent forms of exclusions which actually directly relate to the dignity of a person, says Sanjit Das, after his visit to PACS project areas in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh. Firoz Ahmed, born in Bettiah, Bihar is a social documentary photographer, while Nologo is an organisation that envisages a brandless world where communication dissolves the barriers fragmenting humanity.