Travelling to interesting destinations and photographing different bird species has been his favourite hobby.

Renowned Hungarian photographer Laszlo Berta’s pictures of birds from India and his motherland are on display at a fortnight-long exhibition at the Hungarian Information and Culture Centre here.

Born in Hodmezovasarhely, Berta was influenced by the cultural life of this small Hungarian town. He mastered the art of photography to capture the scenic beauty of his native place.

Over the years, Berta has been travelling to Asian countries to explore the wildlife, particularly the birds. He has also been focusing on the people and landscape of far-off countries.

“The camera has been my constant companion. I like observing birds in their natural habitat and capturing them on my camera. Over the years, I have travelled to South Asian countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and India where I have taken pictures of the local population and wildlife. This is not my first exhibition in India, the last one was also mounted at the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre in 2005.”

Titled Odd One Out, the exhibition was inaugurated on Tuesday by wildlife photographer Rathika Ramasamy.

Shedding light on the exhibition, Rathika says: “There are a lot of action photographs and we get to view little known birds found in Hungary. So in a way, the exhibition is inadvertently promoting wildlife in this European country.”

In all, there are 44 images, of which 22 have been captured in India. For his enthusiasm for wildlife, persistence and outstanding artistic quality, he was admitted to Hungarian nature photographers’ association naturArt about a decade ago. He became member of the board in 2004 and is now the vice-president of naturArt. He has held several individual and collective exhibitions both in Hungary and other countrieslike Belgium, Germany, Italy and Sri Lanka.

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