The family of a teenaged boy staged a protest outside a hospital in South-East Delhi on Sunday alleging that their son was beaten to death by the police. The police denied the allegations as baseless and fabricated.

The teenaged boy, a resident of Ambedkar Nagar, died at Batra Hospital on Sunday following which the agitated family staged a protest and blocked traffic. The family alleged that their son was on his way home from tuition on September 3 when he entered into an altercation with a policeman who took him to the Ambedkar Nagar police station and allegedly beat him up. He died due to the injuries sustained during the beating, the family alleged.

For their part, the police said he was never brought to the police station and was not beaten up. “There was a call to the Police Control Room on September 3 saying that some men were consuming liquor in the open following which a Sub-Inspector went to the area. When the policeman reached the spot, the others managed to escape but the boy injured his ankle while trying to flee and was caught. He was scolded and let off. He was not brought to the police station. The family took him to a hospital the next day for treatment and told the doctor that the boy had met a road accident,” said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-East) Meghna Yadav.

On September 18, the sub-inspector again called up the boy's father regarding a complaint of encroachment against him. “Two days later, the boy's father came to the police station and gave a written complaint alleging that his son was beaten up. The boy died on Sunday morning and they staged a protest. He was probably under treatment for some other ailment. We have decided to get his post-mortem done to know the cause of death,” said Ms. Yadav.